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I know you want more details; well some bands play country, jazz, rock, reggae or some other genre. Smashing Banjos plays whatever strikes our fancy at the moment. We are an all acoustic band, and we could show up with a cadre of guitars, basses, ukuleles, mandolins, or any number of chordophones. Maybe just three ukes…you never know because we never know. If it has strings we are prepared to strangle it until the sounds that we like are created.

What started as three guys just hanging out once a week playing songs that we like has turned into at least three straight hours of Americana, roots music, classic rock, bluegrass standards, modern rock, reggae, and the occasional loose and non classifiable jam. The set lists grow every week in size and randomosity.


The band has been known to take well loved classics and rearrange them into different keys, styles, and tempos. Some of your most precious memories may be shattered all in the name of fun.

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